Our productivity crashes at around 4pm every day, sometimes earlier.  It is a great idea to be prepared for this by taking a little healthy snack with you (if you are out and about) or have some prepared in a little glass jar in the fridge.

Having a healthy snack to hand will stop you getting so hungry that you either get angry or make the wrong choices.

One thing that can happen is that we reach for unhealthy snacks.

Another thing we can do when we allow ourselves to go hungry is fall into old habits.  When we are hungry and smell food frying or someone making junk food like hot dogs.  These things don’t effect us so much if we are already satiated.  We can then make a more accurate decision that is in line with our health goals

10 Healthy Vegan Snack Ideas

Hummus & Crudites (carrot, celery or cucumber)

Fresh, refreshing crunchy vegetables and protein rich hummus dip.  Make hummus at home easily with only 4 ingredients – chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic & peanut butter.



Another great snack idea is cucumber sandwiches with hummus, spread or peanut butter toppings


Raw vegan cheese & Crudites (carrot, celery or cucumber)

Medjool dates & Brasil nuts

Medjool dates & Pistachio nuts

Organic (sulphur free = brown) dried appricots & walnuts

Organic (sulphur free = brown) dried appricots & pecans


Stock only healthy foods in your cupboards.  If this is not possible due to family members, make a clear distinction in your mind as to what food is yours and what is there’s.

Take a snack with you if on the go.

A few other options are:

Rice cakes & peanut butter / hummus / pear and apple spread

Home made oat cakes & peanut butter / hummus / pear and apple spread

I hope you can organise healthy snacks and send me in your ideas of other healthy vegan snacks.  On a final note, a smoothie or home made juice is also another amazing snack to have in the afternoon x


Have the best day ever!

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