Eating clean, high vibrational foods will expand your awareness and get you in touch with nature.  The faster and higher vibration we are on, the more we are in the flow of nature.  As well as nutrients there are the vibrations of the foods – clear your mind with clean foods.

1.Dark leafy greens

Kale, aruglula, spinach, swiss chard, bok choy and mustard greens.  They absorb the energy from the sun as chlorophyll (the green colour)  the brighter/ darker the green the more nutrient dense and higher vibration the food is.

2. Green Juice

Predigested enzyme rich green juice allows you to maximise your dark leafy greens.  these nutrients are bioavailable – immediately digestible.  Get a quick energy boost with green juice.  There are also great superfood powders you can add to your green juice.

3.  Sprouts and raw organic living foods

Soaked/ sprouted seeds, fruits and vegetables.  Unprocessed just as nature intended.  Sprouts are high in natural growth hormone, full of natural energy and vitality – a seriously great addition to any diet.

4. Clean & Pure Water

Avoid plastic bottled water.  Spring water in a glass bottle is ok.  Drink spring water, alkaline water, filtered water, harmonized or distilled water.  Clean water free from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and fluoride are really important for our energy.  Be sure to get the cleanest purest water you can get.

5. Superfoods and berries

Blueberries are said to attract the angels, strawberries, raspberries, black berries, goji berries and golden berries are just a few amazing berries that you can eat to increase your frequency.  Berries and other superfoods like ashwaganda and camu camu are amazing for vitality and increasing vibration.

6.  Be Mindful toward your food

Chew slowly and at least 20 times.  Bless and be grateful for your food.  Feel in love with our food, send that love through the food that is about to become part of your body.  You can say grace before meals or place hands over the food to show appreciate and love.

7. Buy Organic food (local if possible)

The more natural, the less toxins, the way the food is cared for all makes a difference when it comes to the vibrational quality of the foods we eat.