Rowanna Watson
Rowanna WatsonHolistic Health Coach
I am 37 year of age and have been vegan for 16 years. I have 4 children: 3 of my 4 pregnancies were vegan and the other (first pregnancy) was vegetarian. I have had a lot of confrontation on my plant based lifestyle since I was just 7 years of age and want to support people with knowledge so that when the misinformed come your way you can stand strong and not have to go through what I did. I find it extremely interesting that now the major health benefits and facts about a plant based diet are being exposed and being vegan is now a human right in the EU. This is great news!! So now we can use this information to strengthen our lifestyle and beliefs.
…but more importantly I have 16 years hands on experience as a vegan mother and wife. This has given me the necessary tools and information to share with other vegan parents and families. For a lot of my friends and colleagues I am the go-to person when it comes to vegan health and wellness information. I decided I should put this expertise into practice and help others in any way that I can.
Working 1 on 1 via Zoom or Skype I can offer my services worldwide. I like to do an initial discovery session with you to find out which areas that I would best impact your life. Also it is good for us to be sure that we are a good fit for each other. These discovery sessions are free and last for around 30-40mins. If you are keen on jumping straight in then I add the extra 40 free mins into your package. I can also work with small groups, this can be great for advice and support, in addition it can keep the costs down if that is a consideration for you. I am keen to help in any way I can and have organised my packages so that anyone can access my services. When not meeting with you I will be doing your meal planning, doing ongoing research and writing other goal oriented information to support you on your journey. In addition to this I offer free email support with some of my packages. View my packages here.

Writing and researching
Constantly Reading (mainly spiritual, philosophical & health related books)
Art – Painting, sculpture & drawing
I love walks in the country
Animal Lover
Horse rider

  • Mother of 4 Vegan Babies/Children
  • Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Energy Healer (Sith & Reiki)
  • Yoga Practitioner
  • Vegan Chef & Plant Based Nutritionist
  • Native Vegan: Vegan for 16 years
  • 3 successful Vegan Pregnancies
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