Almond Dates

Sweet & Easy Healthy Vegan Snack for Max Energy (Move over Reese’s Pieces)

1 Serving Contains

  • Energy 4821 kcal / 20171.06 kj 241% 241%
  • Fat 417 g 642% 642%
  • Saturates 31g 155% 155%
  • Sugar 80g +100% +100%
  • Salt 56mg 2% 2%



Ready In:



4821 cal



Healthy bite-sized treats. Ideal for that sweet tooth.

By: Rowanna Watson

Sweet, tasty treats – great as a dessert or to satisfy a sweet tooth. Plus it’s healthy!

… and you can throw these together in a matter of minutes. 

 Can’t say fairer than that. 

I swear you could live on this snack (if you had to). It provides so much energy and nutrition. Plus all of the ingredients have a long shelf life. So you can stock up on the ingredients and prepare a fresh batch whenever you feel that you need something sweet. 





  • Medjool dates 6
  • Almond butter 3 tsp


  • Cinnamon pinch
  • Cacao pinch

Preparation Method

Step 1

Cut medjool dates in half and remove seed

Step 2

Fill each date with ½ tsp of almond butter

Step 3

Sprinkle with cinnamon and cacao

Step 4

Et voila!

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories 4821
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 417g642%
Saturated Fat 31g155%
Total Carbohydrate 198g66%
Dietary Fiber 84g336%
Sugars 80g
Protein 159g318%

Calcium 193%
Iron 241%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.



Almond Dates

What’s It Good For?


Almonds Are a Powerhouse of Nutrition & Energy. Filled with protein, almonds fill you up and also chill you out, thanks to their high magnesium content.

Learn More: Almonds for Weight Loss, to Lose Belly Fat | Plus Daily Dose


Dates are a powerhouse of nutrition, they provide vitamin b6, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. As well as being filled with antioxidants that help your body cleanse out toxins. Most of all dates are a tasty treat. Medjool dates are the most delicious variety.


Cinnamon is a classic example of tasty food that has multiple medicinal qualities. Cinnamon has been proven to lower blood sugar and provide an anti-diabetic effect.


Cacao is filled with polyphenols that can improve blood flow to your brain. Cacao also helps relax muscles, keeping you calm.

Who Made This?

Hey, I’m Rowanna – certified holistic health coach and best selling author. Born and living in Scotland, UK with my husband and 3 children (all vegan). I write evidence-based health content for several multi-million dollar companies. Focusing on natural, kind ways to optimize health and wellbeing for my international clients. I also write recipes, books and courses that will inspire you to live a life filled with energy and joy.

Rowanna Watson

“I just want to say, I think you have just changed my life…


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