Let your food be your medicine.  Did you know that 70% of our immune system is in the gut?  It is therefore super important to pay attention to what food you are putting into your body.   I can work with you creating an optimised vegan gut healing diet as well as ways to heal leaky gut using a vegan diet.

Your digestive tract is your second brain.  People often talk about “gut feelings”.  there is a  strong connection between our brain and our gut.  There are hundreds and millions of nerves and neurons connecting our brain and our gut.  In addition there are a whole host of hormones that are secreted to pass information.

Creating a healthy vegan gut flora is easier than healthy gut in omnivores as the bacteria in the gut that we are working with are a little less harsh when it comes to the negative gut flora like parasites etc…

Our gut system is more like an ecosystem.  There are 10 times more bacteria in our gut than human DNA so it is important to foster the right environment in there to allow us to have a great life.  The hormones secreted in our gut include serotonin, the happy hormone that governs our mood.

To help get this whole system working properly we must thoroughly chew our food, our saliva works to break down food and combine it with your DNA.

Take your time to eat. Digestive starts with thought and smell, Look at food, digestion starts. Always take time to thank the food as this will also help your digestion.

Elimination or exclusion diet can sometimes be a great idea if you are not getting so far with your healing journey often Gluten can be a problem for mental illness, rashes, chronic illness and hair loss.  This is something we can explore.

Refined grains promote growth of unfriendly organisms in the gut.  This can lead to obesity and diabetes.

We must work to bring things back into harmony inside our gut.   Cleanse out unfriendly bacteria, and encourage new friendly bacteria.

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Things like too much caffene, sugar, alcohol and fodmap diets.  I will work with you to understand and grow your awareness and self care around food.  I am looking forward to being your mentor and accountability coach in your healing journey.

This is about nourishment, learn what you can eat and what you should avoid so that you can eat in a relaxed safe environment – enhancing the overall goodness of the foods.