Emotional Eating Cures

– Choose Intelligence

Below is a story about emotional eating adapted from Iyengar’s light on life. 

I have written it out to help understand the underlying psychology and solutions for emotional eating patterns.  In addition as a certified […]

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RIGHT NOW is the Biodynamic Harvest

When is the best time to harvest fruit?  Bio dynamically – according to the biodynamic calendar
= Right now it is time for harvesting fruit.  That’s right – THIS WEEKEND – Like, now!

[Tweet “So that is […]

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Fancy Pizza Tonight? – 80% Raw Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo Pizza Idea

So tonight I wanted to give some new pizza a go. My challenge is to make it as raw as possible, vegan, gluten free – extremely delicious and nutritious, so I thought I would share […]

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Why Run Every Morning? Science & feeling

It is great to get your run in before your brain kicks in
Make it a habit, like Nike says JUST DO IT. […]

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Why use Apple Cider Vinegar?

Alright so I said I would share the BEST apple cider vinegar around. Here it is, and at a great price too >>

This is great to add to your skin care routine, and also […]

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Stress of Acidic Body Corrosion

Stress of Acidic Body Corrosion – or should I say modern life…
Our body is continually building up and breaking down.  That is the nature of life.

The building up: regeneration or restoration is the alkaline phase […]

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