Can I come out now??

Can I come out now??  I have been locked in my room for the past few days to force me to get this book put to bed (literally!)

So sorry for the lack of blog posts! […]

I’m Vegan – 1 Day = 100 Vegans…

1 Day = 100 Vegans

I am aiming to get 100 vegans in one day to make a tiny video – just one sentence to say why they are vegan.

The video will be published as part […]

June 5th, 2016|Categories: Ethics, Health, Products & Services|

Sesame Seed Controversy

I received an email this morning where someone was questioning me about the bio availability of the calcium in sesame seeds, so I thought it would be best to write a quick blog post for […]

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Body Challenge Day #3 + 10 Running Tips

Clean and run….

It is a great idea to wear layers – because today I wanted to get the sun on my skin but I only had a little sports top underneath and the when the […]

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Yoga Energy Flow Poem

 (For me this seaweed represents the lymphatic system – our full body recycling centre – we need to cleanse it out […]

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10 Running Tips: Body Challenge Day #2

Alright, so day #2 and I have done my yoga and been for my run!!

Managed to find more trash to tidy up the woodland trail, this time monster munch and biscuit packets 😀

I picked up […]

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