Al-right so it is 10:56. I have just been for my run!  How awesome is that!

Last night I got a new running coach to help me on my journey. I have decided I need to make like Oprah and have a coach for EVERY area of my life, and I am going to get specific on that one!

I am also a member of various groups on facebook for bodybuilding and fitness. I feel like I am in total beast mode now!  See this is how long I went for:-


My running coach suggested I walk/ run for 30 mins either every day or 6 days a week. I went for the 6 days a week!
However I put the timer on before my run and when I got home I had been out for 46minutes. Well that was an over-achievement – feeling psyched!

It was quiet because it is a rainy day so only a few dog walkers were out. Actually I met 3 dog walkers to be precise. That was lovely! They all chirped “good morning” I felt so cheery and part of things. I will be doing this again!
I wanted to go it alone and not with dogs. However the dogs on my walk were such an inspiration. I love their lust for life – it is just magical!

A bright golden dog came running up to me when I was on the trail. It had a purple collar, a semi long haired coat, white mitts and a big smile with its tongue hanging out. He had a little bell that gently rang as he jumped and ran like the free spirit that he is.

This was a happy dog! He was so giving, so full of heart and love.

I truly felt inspired by him, I think he felt it as he wouldn’t let me go away, I heard the dog whistle in the distance as his owner summoned him… my new friend. He wanted to play fetch with the loose sticks all over the ground. We did a little bit: then I said to him to go with his owner.

Between the trees, at the end of the golden path there stood a man in a raincoat.

Eventually, his dog ran ahead toward him but the man waited for me. He was probably around about 60years of age with a big bristly beard and a long stick like Gandalf. We chatted for a while, he said he lived in the village and had done for 3 years and was happy to meet me. His name was Rob, the doggy was Sam.
We exchanged stories about his ancestry in England and Scotland, why he moved to Scotland, Sam the 10 month old doggy, Boats and about how our hair is such a big part of our life. Oh and how beards are now in fashion. That got me onto realising even David Wolfe has a beard now. Lol
Anyway…. we also discussed the weather – as you might imaging. He said quite clearly in his English accent:-

“Great work going for a run, the weather is Beastly”

Yup, so that confirms it I am in beast mode!  This is our weather forcast for today.  I want to get up at sunrise, that is my aim, but today I got up at 8am and began my morning routine.


What great fun. I got wet, I laughed, I brought an pine cone home and I found some trash on the trail and tidied that up too.

I am in love, so happy! I want to go out and run again. But it will be tomorrow…. Can’t wait to go and play in the woods again tomorrow morning!!

10 Tips to get started running

  1. Pick up trash on the trail, crush the bottles/cans to gather more
  2. Bring a pine cone or stone or something home each day to signify where/ what you have done (I brought a pine cone)  I love the symbolism – as from the small pine cone grows the great pine tree,  10 meters high or more – and today I am starting my body challenge, which each small action will make a big difference
  3. Run in all weathers – enjoy the weather
  4. Wear breathable fabric
  5. Laugh/ smile as you run
  6. Say “good morning to all you meet”
  7. It should be fun, don’t push too hard – play like a child on the run
  8. Make sure you leave it on a good note so you can’t wait for tomorrow
  9. Read about running – get inspired
  10. Plan it out the night before

Off to make some rice milk with bananas now!!
Much love x