Clean and run….

It is a great idea to wear layers – because today I wanted to get the sun on my skin but I only had a little sports top underneath and the when the trail had a lot of older dog walkers, i think a vest would have been a little more appropriate.

A butterfly flew along with me as I ran – for around 4 meters it fluttered around me – it was orange and black – so exquisite – I was a tiny it afraid I may squash it as it flew about me and around my knees…

As I ran – the sun shone in my face.  It was golden and warm – the sun was heating up the pine trees so much that the air was filled with a beautiful pine fragrance.  I wanted to bottle it and send it to you – and keep it for another day.

Maybe pine essential oils will work – must give it a go.  It smelled like pine, sage and frankincense – that alone was soothing.  I ran further than I have done all week, and for longer.  My periods of walking were much less.

I found a few side trails.

One in particular was about a meter thick and stretched up as far as I could see.  The track was like a sine wave continually rising or a stock marketers dream graph, as the path dipped then went higher, dipped and went even higher.  It was a great little challenge.

My right foot(the one I had the accident with a few decades ago) felt a tiny little bit strained – so I will massage it and give it some love.

I picked up lots more trash today on the run back.  On the way there I didn’t see any rubbish at all.  It was great, but on the way back I found 2 dog poo bags (yes gross – but I felt that I needed to clear it up – I took it to the nearest dog waste bin), 1 soda can, 1 lucosade sports drink bottle and a national geographic magazine.  The magazine was messy but more natural and biodegradable than the other man made junk that I found.

I think I need a running with trash bag or clean up the trails bag…  not sure what you would call it – but that needs to happen.

Great run.  Came home and drank some coconut water and just about to have my vanilla cinnamon oatmeal breakfast jar!

P.S  Now I have 3 days = 3 Pine Cones 😀

Have the best day ever!

10 Running Tips

  1. Set little challenges when on the run
  2. When challenge set don’t think – just do
  3. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishing challenges
  4. Take a lightweight bag to gather trash
  5. Drink bicarbonate of soda water before you run
  6. Drink coconut water to rehydrate when you get in
  7. Run first thing in the morning to get your circulation going
  8. Run on an empty stomach
  9. Drink 2 glasses of water before you run
  10. Have fun – get out and play – run like a kid

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