I’m Vegan – 1 Day = 100 Vegans…

1 Day = 100 Vegans

I am aiming to get 100 vegans in one day to make a tiny video – just one sentence to say why they are vegan.

The video will be published as part of my new book campaign.

Earlier in the year I wrote an eBook – The Vegan Eating Out Guide.  It was […]

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What is a Vegan Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a guide and supportive mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their health & achievement of their personal wellness goals.  As the Vegan Health Coach I do all that a health coach does with a special emphasis on being Vegan.  With over 16 years of vegan health experience, having had […]

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An Excerpt from My New Book

Is leather a by-product of the beef industry?

For me this one makes me feel quite sick. How we can easily overlook something so important.

I mean using the skin of a living being for products sounds like something from concentration camps. Wrapping it round sofas, shoes and jackets. My stomach turns at the thought of such a […]

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Why Not Drink Cows Milk? Is it really that bad?

“There’s no reason to drink cow’s milk at any time in your life. It was designed for calves, it was not designed for humans, and we should all stop drinking it today…”

– Frenak A Oski, MD, Former Director of paediatrics, Johns Hopkins University

If you wouldn’t drink milk from your friend, your aunt, your dog or […]

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Why do vegans not eat eggs?

“For anyone who thinks that eating eggs doesn’t kill animals, millions of male chicks each year are born in hatcheries and promptly thrown into the blades of giant garbage disposals.” PETA

One of the points of vegan-ism is to live independently of animals, not to use or abuse them in any way. Taking eggs from a chicken stimulates her to make more […]

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