The Best Vegan Protein Source

Pumpkin seeds for High Vegan Protein requirements
As my private clients will know too well, I always go on about pumpkin seeds as an amazing protein rich source for vegans!!  When I say amazing, I mean amazing!

Not only that they are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, & Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, […]

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Why Run Every Morning? Science & feeling

It is great to get your run in before your brain kicks in
Make it a habit, like Nike says JUST DO IT.  Seriously get it done!  Then all of your other working out is simply extra and will build muscle and tone.
Organise […]

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Body Challenge Day #3 + 10 Running Tips

Clean and run….

It is a great idea to wear layers – because today I wanted to get the sun on my skin but I only had a little sports top underneath and the when the trail had a lot of older dog walkers, i think a vest would have been a little more appropriate.

[Tweet “Set […]

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Yoga Energy Flow Poem

 (For me this seaweed represents the lymphatic system – our full body recycling centre – we need to cleanse it out to live a full and free life)

Love and Light

Rowanna x

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10 Running Tips: Body Challenge Day #1

Al-right so it is 10:56. I have just been for my run!  How awesome is that!

Last night I got a new running coach to help me on my journey. I have decided I need to make like Oprah and have a coach for EVERY area of my life, and I am going to get specific […]

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So, Today I have made a life changing decision…

I have been completely inspired!

… by one of my
Awesome Vegan Athlete: Coaching Clients
I used to be a runner, I nearly died at the age of 14 and totally gave it up, is it time to give it another go?

As a child it was normal for me to run around bare footed.  I loved it.   I now […]

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