Urgent Requirement to up our Vitamin D Intake

During March/April till September we can get enough Vitamin D from the sun, however as the days are getting shorter and we have less and less exposure to the sunlight it is a good idea to make sure that you are getting the right amount of Vitamin D.

This morning I was preparing a balanced meal […]

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10 Healthy Vegan Snack Ideas

Our productivity crashes at around 4pm every day, sometimes earlier.  It is a great idea to be prepared for this by taking a little healthy snack with you (if you are out and about) or have some prepared in a little glass jar in the fridge.

Having a healthy snack to hand will stop you getting […]

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Emotional Eating Cures

– Choose Intelligence

Below is a story about emotional eating adapted from Iyengar’s light on life. 

I have written it out to help understand the underlying psychology and solutions for emotional eating patterns.  In addition as a certified health coach and hypnotherapist: I can personally help emotional eating with health coaching and hypnotherapy.  Due to the fact that […]

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Stress of Acidic Body Corrosion

Stress of Acidic Body Corrosion – or should I say modern life…
Our body is continually building up and breaking down.  That is the nature of life.

The building up: regeneration or restoration is the alkaline phase and the breaking down is the acidic or corrosive phase.  That is how we need it to happen.  However we […]

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I’m Vegan – 1 Day = 100 Vegans…

1 Day = 100 Vegans

I am aiming to get 100 vegans in one day to make a tiny video – just one sentence to say why they are vegan.

The video will be published as part of my new book campaign.

Earlier in the year I wrote an eBook – The Vegan Eating Out Guide.  It was […]

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Yoga Energy Flow Poem

 (For me this seaweed represents the lymphatic system – our full body recycling centre – we need to cleanse it out to live a full and free life)

Love and Light

Rowanna x

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Oats for breakfast: Good or Bad?

Oats are probably one of the best ever healthy  breakfast dishes!
Oats are a great choice in breakfast and a favourite for athletes. There are many reasons for this, but not least is the fact that whole grains release energy slower so keep you fulfilled for around about 4 hours.

As with all whole grains and seeds […]

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Why did I start my Vegan Health Coach Blog?

To provide my own unique angles and viewpoints.

I have a wealth of knowledge to share – being a vegan for over 16 years I have a wealth of great information to share. Both as a vegan mother and wife and also a health advocate.

[Tweet “There are a lot of products that are vegan but not […]

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Foods to Boost Hair Growth

Beta – Carotene – Vitamin A – Makes the fruits and veggies orange in colour and is important for our skin, hair & Nails.  It is also said to boost sight.

It is better to take these as food form, rather than supplements, as your […]

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The Art of Nutrition and Nourishment

Let your food be your medicine.  Did you know that 70% of our immune system is in the gut?  It is therefore super important to pay attention to what food you are putting into your body.   I can work with you creating an […]

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