Urgent Requirement to up our Vitamin D Intake

During March/April till September we can get enough Vitamin D from the sun, however as the days are getting shorter and we have less and less exposure to the sunlight it is a good idea to make sure that you are getting the right amount of Vitamin D.

This morning I was preparing a balanced meal […]

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The Best Vegan Protein Source

Pumpkin seeds for High Vegan Protein requirements
As my private clients will know too well, I always go on about pumpkin seeds as an amazing protein rich source for vegans!!  When I say amazing, I mean amazing!

Not only that they are rich in Vitamins A, B, C and E, & Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Niacin, Phosphorus, […]

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On Michaelmas Day the devil puts his foot on the blackberries

Today is Michaelmas – it is a feast day to celebrate St Michael and the archangels
Blackberries and Michaelmas
Also it is the very last chance to harvest Blackberries…

13:00-19:00 GMT

Blackberries: There’s a legend concerning Lucifer falling into a blackberry bush after […]

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Sesame Seed Controversy

I received an email this morning where someone was questioning me about the bio availability of the calcium in sesame seeds, so I thought it would be best to write a quick blog post for anyone else who is  worried/wondering about this.

Sesame Seeds are little powerhouses of foods, as you get to know me more […]

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Oats for breakfast: Good or Bad?

Oats are probably one of the best ever healthy  breakfast dishes!
Oats are a great choice in breakfast and a favourite for athletes. There are many reasons for this, but not least is the fact that whole grains release energy slower so keep you fulfilled for around about 4 hours.

As with all whole grains and seeds […]

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Strong Vegan Bones: Best sources of vegan calcium

Vegan Health, Calcium….
When you say you are vegan often people will ask how do you get your calcium?

Firstly what is Calcium?
“Calcium is a mineral that the body needs for numerous functions, including building and maintaining bones and teeth, blood clotting, the transmission of nerve inpulses, and the regulation of the heart’s rhythm. Ninety-nine percent of […]

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Vitamin D 3 Supplements – From Sheep?!

I was surprised to find out that a  lot of vitamin D3 supplements come from Lanolin – so they are not vegan.  I don’t really take many supplements at the moment – I have mainly been taking super foods and smoothies with super foods but not really any supplements.

I think that it is important for me […]

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Health Benefits of Red, Blue, Violet Foods

Berries should always be bought organic as the normal sort have high pesticide loads, with the average blueberry holding 42 different pesticides – So please buy Organic Berries!!

Anthocyanins (pronounced an-tho-SIGH-uh-nins) and phenolics (pronounced fee-NAH-lix) are found in berries, dried plums (prunes), and raisins and […]

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Why I no longer Drink Packaged Juice.

I used to think that drinking cartons of juice was just as good for me as making my own juice.  However I was wrong.

I must now confess that we absolutely must consume fruit either whole or freshly juiced – meaning fruit juice that we just created a few minutes ago.  We cannot consume cartons of fruit juice. […]

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Vegan Sources of Iron

(N.B Where there are % signs that is the percentage that food supplies of your daily requirement of iron)

Squash/ Pumpkin Seeds 1 cup (227g) = 188% of your daily requirement
Nuts (Cashew, Pine, Hazelnut, Peanut, Almond) 1 cup (129g) 43% f daily requirement
Soybeans (49%), Lentils (37%), Kidney beans (29%), Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas) (26%), and Lima beans […]

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