Top 6 Reasons I would always opt for organic

Why Organic food?
While a lot of companies have used the organic label for marketing and a lot of people think that it is an elaborate marketing scam, I would always advise my clients to buy completely organic whole foods.

Top 6 Reasons I would always opt for organic

Organic food protects the environment and our natural world […]

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On Michaelmas Day the devil puts his foot on the blackberries

Today is Michaelmas – it is a feast day to celebrate St Michael and the archangels
Blackberries and Michaelmas
Also it is the very last chance to harvest Blackberries…

13:00-19:00 GMT

Blackberries: There’s a legend concerning Lucifer falling into a blackberry bush after […]

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RIGHT NOW is the Biodynamic Harvest

When is the best time to harvest fruit?  Bio dynamically – according to the biodynamic calendar
= Right now it is time for harvesting fruit.  That’s right – THIS WEEKEND – Like, now!

According to the biodynamic calendar there are KEY […]

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Sesame Seed Controversy

I received an email this morning where someone was questioning me about the bio availability of the calcium in sesame seeds, so I thought it would be best to write a quick blog post for anyone else who is  worried/wondering about this.

Sesame Seeds are little powerhouses of foods, as you get to know me more […]

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Why I no longer Drink Packaged Juice.

I used to think that drinking cartons of juice was just as good for me as making my own juice.  However I was wrong.

I must now confess that we absolutely must consume fruit either whole or freshly juiced – meaning fruit juice that we just created a few minutes ago.  We cannot consume cartons of fruit juice. […]

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7 foods that will Expand your Conciousness

Eating clean, high vibrational foods will expand your awareness and get you in touch with nature.  The faster and higher vibration we are on, the more we are in the flow of nature.  As well as nutrients there are the vibrations of the foods – clear your mind with clean foods.

1.Dark leafy greens

Kale, aruglula, spinach, […]

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Organic food and Veganism


When you choose to buy organic food or products you are promoting a better world.

Organic Food is extremely important for our health. Organic food is better for the environment, better for the animals, better for wildlife, better for farmers, non GMO, more nutrient dense and benefits the entire world’s health.

Due […]

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