Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit

The following Vegan Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit should last for 90 days.  I advise you take all of these supplements in the morning with breakfast.

I have personally tried and take each of these supplements every single day.

Naturally balance your hormones with pure natural suppliments.
Vegan Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit
This together with my Vegan Hormone Balancing Diet […]

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Why use Apple Cider Vinegar?

Alright so I said I would share the BEST apple cider vinegar around. Here it is, and at a great price too >> http://amzn.to/2cdGNce

This is great to add to your skin care routine, and also really brilliant to use a teaspoon in your overnight oats or proats.
Why soak  oats in Apple Cider Vinegar?
Oats, nuts and […]

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10 Running Tips: Body Challenge Day #2

Alright, so day #2 and I have done my yoga and been for my run!!

Managed to find more trash to tidy up the woodland trail, this time monster munch and biscuit packets 😀

I picked up another pine cone and a cute little shell.

[Tweet “Exercise releases any blockages, allows your energy to flow and lets the […]

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Kickstart the Summer with Rainbow Smoothies

To Kickstart my health for the summer I want to do a Summer Smoothie Challenge.  I want to try and test various different smoothie challenges and then have a group of people do it with me.   I will then follow this up with a raw food challenge.

So I want to do a smoothie challenge […]

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Probiotics & Prebiotics

Bacteria that live in our bodies – they make vitamins, they modulate our immune system, detoxify us, regulate metabolism and Balance pH.

Some fresh beer (made by small companies) provides probiotics. Each strain of probiotics are different much like the breeds or dogs […]

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Paradigm Shift

For several years many of us have gone with the flow.  We have followed the herd when it comes to our health and wellness choices.  Honestly and openly we accepted that the options we were provided with were good or at least, not so bad.

I have heard many of my clients say “I had just no […]

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Ginger: Organic vs Non Organic

Today I read that it Ginger from a grocery store may be coated with growth inhibitor to stop it sprouting in store and also that root vegetables absorb pesticides more readily.  I thought I would look into this in more detail.
Why are organic and non-organic ginger so different in appearance?
While shopping for some grocery store […]

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My New Tonic

The reason I am making this is to provide a really easy to use tonic that you can simply put a heaped tablespoon into a smoothie and enjoy in the middle of the day.

What does the tonic do?

So far I can […]

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Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

I know first hand that lack of sleep completely alters your perspective on the world.  Back in 2014 I had a massive wake-up call after pushing myself to breaking point.  I ended up in hospital for 3 weeks.  The main reason for this?  Lack of sleep!!  I was sleeping for just 2 hours a night, […]

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