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I aim to make taking your health to the next level as easy as possible with easy manageable steps and motivation in a safe and comfortable environment.

In your FREE Discovery Session we can get to know each other, This will let us see how we can best work together and if we are a fit. I will discuss anything that has been holding you back from reaching your health and wellness goals, your heath history and other key lifestyle factors. We will get crystal clear on what you want to create for your heath (or the health of your family). All going well we will work on a three or six month plan where we will meet twice a month to clarify goals, nutrition, health, products, supplements, relationships, career and easy, fun; step-by-step strategies to t.

The benefits to your lifestyle will be simply amazing should you choose to work with me for 3 or 6 months. I guarantee that if you put in the effort I will be your dedicated accountability coach and help you make unique goals that will take your closer to your dream life.

I am doing completely FREE Discovery Sessions for a limited time, but when my time slots are booked up I will be closing this window.

Never feel confused about your Vegan Lifestyle, Diet or Nutrition again. Feel confident that you have me by your side to serve you all the way. If you choose to work with me, you will have email access to me so that you can drop me an email should you have any queries or need support on your journey.

There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with my awesome services! But if you do then you will have access to all of the facts, tips and secrets that I have gathered over the past 2 decades at your finger tips.

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Hey Rowanna:)
As soon as I got off the phone with in an hour I changed the settings;) feel lighter and more attentive and actually my High school friend from Germany had private messaged me about blogging and writing a blog about air quality in urban area homes and how to clear them;). Not sure where that will go but fun to see things popping up. I finally took a risk and started posting about feng shui this past month. I like it but would like to be more confident in my English grammar have always struggled with that;(. I loved your email and also felt very comfortable speaking with you. I have to remember it’s the little things that add up;). I keep looking at the big picture very overwhelming!
Hugs and joy,
Ellie Gerdes
So it was a very pleasant meeting you at this great session with you. You really gave me this safe space were I felt very comfortable and not shy to be able to open up and talk about my life and emotions, it was as if I was talking with a close friend. And tha’t very important for me – to feel relaxed, comfortable and feel that safe space were I can share anything that is troubling me. And also what comforted me was the sound of your voice is very gentle kind and mother like or a sister like.
Also during the session in our conversation, you found the parts of me which I really need and would like to work on and improve. It helped me realize and discover what I really need to unblock and improve in my life. And all that happened very naturally and in a very positive way.
In our session you are working very gently, gracefully and with lots of love. You have a great style.

Thank you so much! Sending you much love and hugs!
:* <3
Aysegul Ucar
What can I say?!! It is amazing talking to Rowanna. The natural flow of her conversation, listening and questioning made me feel very much at ease. I felt more like I was having a conversation with an old friend. In my health history, she brought up topics in a very comfortable and non-judgmental manner. She raised questions and topics which lead into areas for me I didn’t even realize I needed and wanted to talk about. She made me reflect on issues after our session which are issues in my life I want to focus more on-like self care and other daily health behaviors. She made me feel like I could tell her anything, however I also feel she is very skilled at focusing in on potential areas of improvement right of the bat…I feel she has my best interest at heart and would keep me focused on my goals towards becoming the best me I can be! Thank you!!
Brittany Murray