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Below is a story about emotional eating adapted from Iyengar’s light on life. 

I have written it out to help understand the underlying psychology and solutions for emotional eating patterns.  In addition as a certified health coach and hypnotherapist: I can personally help emotional eating with health coaching and hypnotherapy.  Due to the fact that this is in actual fact a problem at the sub-conscious / inner child level and quite laborious to fix without help and support.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this in confidence.

Just imagine… you have arrived home late and tired from work.

On the way you stopped off for food and are no longer particularly hungry.

Once back home – in the kitchen, as if by magic, you find yourself opening the freezer door and inside sits a tub of vanilla ice cream.

The following events take place:

  1. Your eyes (sense organs) perceive the ice cream, read the label (Vanilla) and carry the information back to mind for decoding and identification. A link is established: 1) external object, b) sense organ c) mind
  2. Mind (as it always does) relays information to the egoic self. The links of the chain are now a+b+c+d ego.
  3. Quick as a flash, ego and mind go into a huddle, and the memory which is created in the mind is brought into play. A question is automatically put to memory.
  1. Without hesitation memory replies “pleasure”
  2. Ego says “OK give it to me now” and mind coordinates the hand (organ of action) movements necessary to take the tub off the shelf , open it, find the spoon and the rest is history.
  3. Let us now go back to Stage 4 (above) and see if any other outcome could have been possible – and if so how do we achieve this.

5a) Mind and ego are vaguely aware of a sort of static buzz in the background of consciousness, as if someone were trying to to get their attention.  This makes them uneasy.  So they turn around (away from the open fridge) and see intelligence jumping up and down.

“May I ask memory a question?” Intelligence asks

6a) Mind and self (ego) – shuffle their feet, sensing trouble, but finally reply

“We’d rather you didn’t. But if you insist we cannot deny you the opportunity”

7a) ”Thank you” says intelligence as it continues:

8a) Memory has a truthful nature and though on occasion it can make mistakes: memory replies:

“You put on a lot of weight, can’t fit into your trousers (pants), have sinusitis, get diabetes and your arthritis flares up”

Left to itself: memory from past acquired taste/actions will make the mistake of saying:

“go ahead – eat & enjoy”

It is the intervention of intelligence that can pose the more complex question:

9a) Intelligence continues to hold the floor

“ let me summarise our predicament” Intelligence says “We all enjoy eating ice cream, even in excess, we all hate the secondary consequences of this, you especially ego, being so vain about your figure.  It seems to me we have a choice – to eat or not to eat it.  That must be clear to us all” (cognition + choice)

10a) Poor mind is utterly confused as in spite of its name it does not really have a mind of its own.  It will run in any direction, like a dog after a ball, normally it lets ego give the orders and ego is now very upset.

“ But, I always eat ice cream when I am tired after a long hard day.  It’s a great comfort to me.  I owe it to myself: it’s who I am”

11a) Intelligence (who is also annoyed about the trousers, though in its case it is more about the stupid waste of money) speaks up for the last time:

“for once I am going to put my foot down (will) I’m fed up with the rut you two are in, always the same:  day in, day out and then whining about the consequences, or dreaming about how good things use to be or will be again one day”

“Mind please tell hand to move away from the ice cream and shut the freezer door” Intelligence insists – which it does

12a) Next day: they all felt better for the way things had turned out in fact ego was very smug and had quite persuaded itself that leaving the ice cream had been its idea all along.

I hope that this little amended story has helped with the process of our mind, intelligence, subconscious and memory in the process of emotional eating.  I would like to express my deepest gratitude for Iyengar’s work in the book Light on Life – it is extremely eye opening

If we train ourselves to compress all of the steps from 1a to 12a in this little story: into a second then we use them dozens of tie a day in every situation then we will have a disciplined mind.  A pliant (ie. Not rigid) ego, and acute vibrant intelligence and as a result a smoothly functioning integrated consciousness.

Often avoiding the negative can be quite a strong force to propel us in the right direction.

When we choose to leave the ice cream, chips or cake then we are doing ourselves a great service.  We will be much happier & healthier in the long run!

We must free ourselves from unwanted habit!

I would like to point out that as you feel a conscious disappointment or exhaustion then a habit will rise from our sub conscious to try to smooth things over.

Every time you choose the right option (often the more difficult) – the healthy option you will be building up habit and over time that is what will become natural to you.  You will no longer crave the unhealthy options.

Your intelligence will be able to decipher your sub conscious, and in most cases, this won’t even happen any longer because you will have created a wealth of positive habits.

We need to live in the moment: focus and make every effort to block out other distractions and connections.  Then we can be more mindful as to the choices we are making.

As we perpetually make better choices, even if they are uncomfortable at first, in the long run we will benefit.  As these things are built up over time they can be removed only over time (unless you go straight to the subconscious and reprogram at that level)

So be patient with yourself: Just because you give up eating cake, ice-cream, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol for a day does not mean it will be easy to build up new habits over time.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I love to work with the subconscious mind to reprogram these connections so that it is really easy to choose the right thing and avoid the wrong thing – thus creating great habits much quicker.

If you would be interested in discussing hypnotherapy for emotional eating or other additions / bad habits please let me know.  I have been a certified hypnotherapist now for 4 years.

Contact me now to discuss hypnotherapy for emotional eating / forming positive habits.

I really hope that this story has helped you understand the sort of things that happen (often undetected in our minds) and allows you to think about either getting hypnotherapy or getting support on working with your intelligence and will power to make the right choices, that over time will create the life that you want.

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