I used to think that drinking cartons of juice was just as good for me as making my own juice.  However I was wrong.

I must now confess that we absolutely must consume fruit either whole or freshly juiced – meaning fruit juice that we just created a few minutes ago.  We cannot consume cartons of fruit juice.  The high sugar content in cartons of packaged fruit juice is problematic as it is not coming in its natural form.  The whole package has been refined to be able to be kept in a package at all.

When we consume juice from a carton then it is quite far from its life source.  This means that a lot of the life giving energy, the light, the prana is lost.

One way that the vital life force is lost in a packaged juice is by the fact the juice is pasteurized, this process kills the living enzymes leaving the juice lacking its vital life-giving enzymes and nutrients.

We all know that when we open a fruit it quite rapidly oxidises.  So we must consume the fruit fast to gain maximum benefit.  I used to wonder how the smoothies and fruit juices stayed so bright and when I made them they lost colour more rapidly.

Getting the fruit straight from the tree is optimal.  We pick the fruit and eat it or juice it – then we have a perfect situation where we can absorb the nutrients from the fruit.

When we have it left in containers, transported around, every minute counts.  Every moment the fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts or legumes loose their vital light giving life giving prana.  Another way to measure this life given energy scientifically is with a refractometer.

If this fruit is then left in a carton after being pasteurized then it becomes less and less good for you.  Actually I feel that the goodness is negligible.

Better to go ahead and make your own juice – ditch the cartons!

Early on in my study of yoga science I became aware that fresh fruits & nuts are top of the lists of healthy foods because they are:

  1. Highest in prana (life force).
  2. Lowest in irritating residues.
  3. Peaceful vibrations for meditating. Do not irritate or dull the mind or body.
  4. Cleansing to the cells.
  5. Very nourishing.
  6. Easy to digest.

Freshly squeezed orange juice with ground almonds or walnuts is a food that is very much known by yogi’s as a complete nutrient rich food.  Happy Juicing x