The following Vegan Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit should last for 90 days.  I advise you take all of these supplements in the morning with breakfast.

I have personally tried and take each of these supplements every single day.

Naturally balance your hormones with pure natural suppliments.

Vegan Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit

This together with my Vegan Hormone Balancing Diet are essential parts of life for me.  Because there is a history of both thyroid problems and also hormone issues in my family.

This kit is a life line for me!

The total cost is £30.34 GBP or $39 USD

This works out at £0.33GBP- £0.44USD per day

Iodine helps balance hormones

Iodine is required for our thyroid to work, and thus essential for our hormones to function correctly.    Iodine is depleted in our soils and our air is filled with radioactive iodine, which our body will absorb if not saturated with essential iodine.  Therefore Iodine also helps us as an antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiradiation and pro-hormone booster.  I like to take it externally so that my body can naturally select the amount it needs and I can see how much I need.


0224- 30ml Lugol’s Iodine Solution 30ml 30ml Amber Glass £11.44

Vegan Health Coach Approved

Lugols Iodine – Vegan Health Coach Approved Product

Selenium Health Benefits

Selenium is also extremely important and something that we are often deficient in or could use way more of.  As vegans it is not commonly present in most foods.    Selenium is extremely important in the metabolism for hormone biosynthesis especially T4 and T3 – produced by the thyroid from Iodine.  Selenium is also used for gland protection.

Many people, especially vegans may profit greatly by increasing their selenium intake.  A further benefit of selenium is that it strengthens the immune systems.

0535 Selenium 200mcg x 90 capsules 75ml Duma £11.70

Selenium suppliment for vegans,

Selenium suppliment for vegans,

Vitamin B12 has a major function in our body and nervous system and blood cell metabolism.   However prescription medication, a vegan diet / vegetarian diet, thyroid problems, celiac, IBS, leaky gut and other issues of the immune and nervous system can make it hard for us to maintain healthy levels of this essential vitamin.

The lack of B12 can mess with our hormones, thus messing with our mood and the knock on effect is that of our mental health.  Exposure to toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and cyanide can also deplete our Vitamin B12 stores.

The lack of B12 can expose itself as bipolar or depression.  That is not to say that lack of B12 is the only reason for such illness to occur but in the first instance eat a Hormone Balancing diet and take the basic natural holistic supplements in the Vegan Hormone Balancing Supplement Kit to make sure that you have that base covered.

0524 Vitamin B12 500mcg x 90 capsules 75ml Duma £7.20



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