When is the best time to harvest fruit?  Bio dynamically – according to the biodynamic calendar

= Right now it is time for harvesting fruit.  That’s right – THIS WEEKEND – Like, now!

According to the biodynamic calendar there are KEY TIMES to plant, transplant and harvest.

So this weekend.  In the northern hemisphere it is harvest weekend.  In particular this weekend is- fruit harvesting weekend!

A quick bit about the planetary information that guides the auspicious times for harvesting:

Biodynamic Planetary Science Simplified

According to the biodynamic calendar there are optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting varous plants & crops as well as workinig with bees.  Created in the very early 1900 by Rudolf Steiner and printed to this day by floris books.  Maria Thun has many unique insights that I recommend reading if this is something that you are interested in.  The biodynamic calendar goes way above and beyond other lunar calanders.

The Maria Thun Biodynamic Calender 2016

The Maria Thun Biodynamic Calender 2017

(We still have a quarter of the year left, so if you are interested I would buy this years calander first.  It took me some time to understand all of the symbols and ways it works.)

How does the biodynamic calendar work?

How do the planets affect our food?

When the moon is  descending (going down) the plant sap goes down and when the moon is ascending(going up) the plant sap rises up.

This means that just now – as the moon is a quarter way through its journey and the planets are in alignment – (Mercury and the Sun) – then the fruit will be fullest (of vitality & life force) and the energy will be in the fruit – making the fruit healthier and better as well as last longer!

It is so good for us to eat from the area around us – because food is so much more than nutrients.  As we eat we ingest information, th beauty and complexity of cosmic intelligence has formed the magical wonderful food that we eat.  I was just thinking last night how seriously awe inspiring fruit is – it is just so very amazing that a plant can create something so beautiful and sustaining.

We join with their beauty and that nourishment, perfection and generosity merges with us.

For more about the magic of the cosmic conciousness in the planetary alignments.  This is something that we are connected to at a whole deeper level.  At the moment, and for the next 2 days the moon is in the constellation of Sagittarius.  This means it will be hot and it is time to gather the ripe fruit baby!  Oh yeah – so we are going out there… see what we can find.  In my garden we have just a few little pears from Saul’s pear tree, but we are going out into nature and to the orchard, see what we can find.

Right now is the best time to harvest fruit in September

Quickly before I sign off, this is the time that the bees are gathering nectar.  So the bees intuitively know that the sap is high at this time – they will gather the vibrant, generous sap during warm alignment when the sap is rising high.

So what are you waiting for – go fruit picking.  Let me know how you go – contact me on facebook and share your fruit picking wonderfulness from all around the Northern Hemisphere!  I am excited – we are all so connected.

The fruit harvest period extends until 18:00 GMT on Monday – so we have plenty of time.  For all my American friends the period is NOW… until Monday at 2pm EST.

Lets do this together!

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