When you choose to buy organic food or products you are promoting a better world.

Organic Food is extremely important for our health. Organic food is better for the environment, better for the animals, better for wildlife, better for farmers, non GMO, more nutrient dense and benefits the entire world’s health.

Due to the fact that as a vegan you will eat a lot more plant based foods then you must become increasingly aware of things like GMO’s and Pesticides. Non-organic food are foods that are full of toxins that poison our bodies.

To avoid both it is best to go for organic fruit,nuts, seeds and vegetables. If you still eat any processed foods, also look out for non-go or organic labelling in any packets of food that you buy.

Organic food is so much better for us as it does not poison our system with un-necessary non organic poisonous toxins like

In addition to this we also buy 100% organic products.

Please be aware that companies claiming to be natural and truly certified organic products are worlds apart.

There are quite a few companies worldwide that are the worlds authorities on organic labelling and certification. These are government-accredited certifying agents. I have listed a few accredited organic certification companies below and will go into this in more detail in other articles.

(There are early 80 agents are currently authorized to certify farms and businesses to the USDA organic regulations. Most USDA-accredited certifying agents are allowed to certify farms and businesses
anywhere in the world. Farmers, ranchers, and processors may choose to work with any USDA-accredited certifying agent.)

The Soil Association
Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO)
A Bee Organic, LLC (ABO)
Americert International (AI)
Argencert S.A. (ARG)
Aus-Qual Pty. Ltd. (AUS-QUAL)
Australian Certified Organic (ACO)