I have been completely inspired!

… by one of my

Awesome Vegan Athlete: Coaching Clients

I used to be a runner, I nearly died at the age of 14 and totally gave it up, is it time to give it another go?

As a child it was normal for me to run around bare footed.  I loved it.   I now know this is called “Earthing” but when I was a kid: I simply just didn’t want to wear shoes – they were too restrictive.  Now the evidence is out that getting grounded: offers amazing health benefits.

However being bare foot and free in our modern society has its drawbacks…. As I was about to find out.

I used to be a pro-runner as a kid, I loved it – I was planning on doing it professionally, my speciality was hurdles and cross country…  everything was set.

Until at the age of 14 it all went badly wrong – I had a bad accident and nearly died.

I was by the swimming pool while on vacation in Greece.  I tripped over a ball glass filled with lemonade.   I stood on the tall glass and it went right up through the soul of my foot: through my ankle – tearing apart all of the blood vessels, tendons and muscles as it went.

To cut a long story short, it was so hard, I was left for 7 hours with the blood literally draining out of my body.   I completely lost consciousness.

I was told that my foot may get infected and I may not walk again and that if I did keep my foot I would have a bad limp.  Thankfully I am glad to say that I managed to overcome all of this and now I can walk fine.

That was the end of my running career!

I tried a year later, at the age of 15, but I just fell over the hurdles.   It was so embracing for me as a teenager:  I felt like such an idiot.  I cried for weeks and then accepted the fact that I would never run again.

That was 22 years ago….

Today is a new day – a fresh start 17th May 2016 – Bring it on!  – Day #1

Today, I feel inspired to give it another go!  I may never be a pro-athlete, but I can join a running club, I can try to run a 10K and see how I do.  What do you think?

I would love your support as I take this journey!

It is taking a lot of courage…  and making me very emotional, but I think it has to be done!

I am coaching a few Vegan Athletes at the moment and they have inspired me to give running another go!

I  have just washed my running clothes and put them on the line – I am going to go for it!  I will share with you my journey,  my vegan athlete diet and meal plans… I have my own coach to cheer me along – so lets see how it goes 😀

Wish me luck!  I will also be doing a smoothie challenge while I work on building  my rainbow smoothie transformation, so anyone wanting to jump on and join me would be welcomed with a big hug and open arms.

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