Stress of Acidic Body Corrosion – or should I say modern life…

Our body is continually building up and breaking down.  That is the nature of life.

The building up: regeneration or restoration is the alkaline phase and the breaking down is the acidic or corrosive phase.  That is how we need it to happen.  However we need way more regeneration and cleaning than we need breaking down.  It can take years to create a fine artwork, but only a few seconds to break it down or destroy it.  We don’t need so much of this acidic energy in our life.

The cleaning takes a lot longer, and regeneration, creativity and restoration longer still.  Therefore we should divide our life tasks up appropriately.

However, the issue that we face is when there is too much breaking down and not enough building up.    Also there is not enough cleaning of the broken down debris.  I am talking about cleaning on all fronts: environmental, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental cleaning.  The waste products of the breaking down need to be sufficiently removed in order for us to thrive and live the best life possible.

When it comes to our bodies the waste is carted off to our lymphatic system that relies on our motion to cleanse it out.  Without cleaning out these waste products we are left with a lot of stress on our bodies.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has concluded that STRESS is the primary driving factor behind 95% of all modern disease

One massive problem that we face in our society at the moment is that people are sitting down for far too long.  In the west we are trained to sit down for extensive periods and this sedentary way of life has us sitting in our own waste.  This gives rise to yeast, mould, fungus and parasites.  The same way it would if you didn’t clean a building or car.  The waste would fill up and that energy would become what we would deem as creepy.

If there were living things in the area then they would poop and that would further create a messy situation.  A perfect situation for bacteria to thrive, so we need to fix this problem and not with harsh chemicals, as these too simply numb the critters and invite them back in to our lives in a stronger way.

We calmly need to clean our entire life.  This should be a meditative act and continuous.  We must enjoy the cleaning, because this cleaning will free our lives up to be all that we have ever wanted.  If we don’t take the time to do the cleaning and instead continually bring more and more things into the situation…then we can never get out of the cycle.

Our then acidic body does not feel good, and we have no energy to do the cleaning.  We need to push past this situation.  What we do we do more of, so we are then in this perpetual cycle.  We need to break free of this cycle and live the fullest life possible.

Story of the Grumpy Old Man at the supermarket

Yesterday this came to light, as an older man stood, impatiently in the supermarket shaking and shouting at one of the shop assistants at the store.  All of the people at the checkouts looked quite taken aback as this well-spoken five foot five inches, balding man in his late 70’s shouted about how the store had messed up.

I must have looked mega shocked as one of the ladies working at the self-service till came over and said to me –

“I am not sure what they are shouting about”

All I could think was, that behaviour is not going to achieve anything but more destruction.

The whole feeling of the behaviour was ACIDIC.  You may be thinking the old man was maybe not in his right mind.  However, he had a younger thirty something couple with him who were agreeing all the way.

I couldn’t help but think that if he was in an attitude of gratitude he would not be behaving that way.  He would be more calm, in control, balanced and concise.  In that more sensible place he would be able to create what he wanted rather than projecting negative emotion all around like a sprinkler in the summer or possibly more accurately like a manure spreader.

This energy is good for the ground – sure.  The ground can re-use dead, waste, bones, dirt and anything else negative and make amazing plants out of it.   That is why it is great to get grounded in nature, at the beach or on the earth, to release the negative ions down to the earth.  Therefore in the same way while we are full of waste we must use that as a situation to propel us forward.  Forge out of the situation into a new fuller life.

In this space we can visualise and create our life with ease.  When we step onto the other side of the game then we will be destroying.  It makes more sense to save that feeling for the gym, physically cleaning up or going for a run.  At that time focusing on pushing and dominating could be worthwhile for a short period.

We could also use this feeling when at work to forge forward.   You see fear or negative emotion can help to move us forward, but we must not use this energy too much.

We need to have at least 8 hours of total rest, 8 hrs of total relaxation and then we have 8 hours for fight or flight.  That is MORE than enough time.  I think to get the balance right we should focus only on a single task – laser focused.

This may be a work task that you FOCUS INTENSIVELY FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.  Say 1 hour at the most. Ideally we can get that down to 25 minutes.  Then it should be time for some relaxation, some breathing and walking around peacefully – perhaps time for meditation.  The next activity should be tackled head on too, until all of the work day is used up.

When there is an activity that does not require pushing so hard we can gently go through that activity calmly so that we have some energy left over for our kids, the gym or other activities.  We need to observe these rules, and not think that we are exempt.

It is this feeling that we are separate from nature, that we are machines and can do whatever we like that fills us with problems.

No matter what we are part of the whole of nature and what we do affects the whole.  The planets don’t stop moving and so we should not procrastinate for the “mean time” or “meanwhile”, for then we will not do what we need to do.

We must tune back into nature, into the calmness, into the constant gentle motion.

Get out of our little cave houses and box offices,  use the computer for a maximum of 8 hours per day.  Even that is a very very long time.  Realistically, if we can we should shorten this down to 4 hours on the computer and have the other 20 hours for more natural tasks and allow our brain space to face the tasks that we want to achieve.

The fight or flight mode in an animal is very rarely triggered, and that should be the same for us humans.  The more we use it: the more we use up our life energy.

If we can aim for a maximum of 8 hours in our work/ fight or flight mode  (seriously that is just about too much – I would say half that) shorten that down going forward..

5 Ways to Combat Acidic Stress

  1. Eat an alkaline diet
  2. Spend time in nature
  3. Meditate
  4. Sleep for at least 8 hrs at night
  5. Work out to release lymphatic blockage