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Whether you are going on a short trip to town with the kids, organising a romantic dinner, attending a wedding or going out with family – It pays to be prepared, especially when you are vegetarian, a healthy eater or vegan!

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Due to the overwhelming success of The Vegan Eating Out guide (my totally FREE eBook). I have responded to the feedback from 100’s of readers and created the all new Essential Vegan Eating Out Guide

Girl, you’ve been such a great mentor not only to me but to many. My best to you! Can’t wait to meet you in person and give you a real hug one dayxxx
Martha Gastiaburu Moore
You inspire me!
Wendy Aucoin

The Essential Vegan Eating Out Guide : A great vegan meal almost anywhere

Release date Aug 10th 2016!  In exactly:

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Diligently written for you, by yours truly – a Certified Holistic Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and native vegan (17+ years) I have collated TIPS & TRICKS FROM 100’S OF VEGANS so that you can get straight to enjoying your meal! Now you can quickly make more informed decisions and stand on the wealth of information gathered from very many years of experience.

  • Be Prepared: Plan your trip

  • Eating Out with Kids

  • Friendly vs Hostile

  • Cuisine Cheat Sheets

  • Chain Restaurant Cheat Sheets

  • Hole in the Wall

  • Vegan Health Coaching

  • Secret Menus

  • Sometimes it is about the company – not the food

  • Useful Apps/ sites

Hey beautiful! Awesome to see you over here, I am Rowanna – Your Vegan Health Coach

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Native Vegan for over 17 Years
  • Mother of 3 Vegan Children (3 successful vegan pregnancies)
  • Vegan Culinary Nutrition Expert
  • Author/ Blogger/ Writer