To provide my own unique angles and viewpoints.

I have a wealth of knowledge to share – being a vegan for over 16 years I have a wealth of great information to share. Both as a vegan mother and wife and also a health advocate.

Where possible I provide information on non-toxic vegan products that are also sustainable.

Where I do agree the first step is to become vegan, the second step must to become ultimately extremely healthy.

Skittles are vegan and so are oreos, but they are not good for you. You can become vegan and still not be healthy. I like to focus on making great tasty food and recipes that are not only vegan (and for the most part raw) but also really good for you!!

As a mother I focus on meals for the kids that are healthy and nutritious. They are for the most part always well, and my eldest daughter Naya (who is 12 years of age) has never been to the doctor (touching wood).

I like to explore the truth about food and vegan lifestyles through first-hand experience and also consistent research.

There is a lot of misinformation and poor advice on the internet – this comes both from the meat industry, bit advertising and also from people who are providing quick recycled blog posts. I spend a lot of time researching all of my blog posts and books.

I feel that there are several angles that need to be covered, from proper nutrition, detoxing, pregnancy nutrition, feeling included, hormones and beauty to name but a few areas of exploration.

One interesting piece of mis-information that I recently heard was that soya stunts the growth of vegan babies. Well this one got me as my son Saul was born at 10lbs and is now 6ft1 at the age of 14.  He has eaten soya products for his whole life, so I can personally vouch for soya. I know often people are allergic to soya and GMO soy is no way cool, I will happily vouch for organic soya products in moderation if they are something that your body can use well.

Truthfully what I want to offer the world is amazing quality content that really helps new vegans , health professionals and the vegan community.
As I spend all of my working day every day either researching vegan products, vegan culinary nutrition, making new vegan recipes, investigating different avenues of health, practising yoga and writing reports.  I want to deliver this content to the world to support and inspire people.  I understand that others don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to study veganism, therefore I offer my services to you as a vegan expert.

I also offer one on one coaching sessions. The maximum number of clients that I can take on at the moment is 10 due to my other commitments. Therefore I can only work with really dedicated inspired people hands on. I do this via zoom, skype one on one or in groups. I am also creating a few courses to further enhance the content offered on my site.

Where possible I will provide reports, videos, eBooks, research, articles, courses and blogs for FREE. Therefore I have added a donate button to my site for anyone who feels inspired to support my mission. You can either support me directly or buy me a smoothie pack – either way I would gratefully receive your offering.

I will only every promote products that I have personally tried and am happy to vouch for.

I really hope that you love my site, I am dedicated to providing everything that you need – so if you have ANY questions related to vegan lifestyles, products or diet please, please get in touch any time.
Lots of Love and Light
Rowanna xx