It is great to get your run in before your brain kicks in

Make it a habit, like Nike says JUST DO IT.  Seriously get it done!  Then all of your other working out is simply extra and will build muscle and tone.

Organise some great running clothes! so you look the part!

Having the correct clothes feels amazing!  But don’t let that stop you.  Be aware of how your clothes make you feel adn take that into consideration next time.  I remember when at dance college years ago I did a ballet class without the right gear.  It felt rotten!  Now I always make sure to have my clothes prepared for my run, yoga or for the gym.

However, if I don’t have my clothes for some “out there reason” (like the washing machine is on the blink or life takes over) I just do it anyway and focus on me (not caring what others think).

Get some new vegan running shoes 😀

I always feel I want to go somewhere if I have some new shoes for the occasion!

The marathon runner Scott Jurek uses these running shoes >> BROOKS – The brand has a whole range so have a look around, they come in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes.

Get Inspired!

Read books about running, it is great to have a wee read about a great runner and their ups and downs to get you more inspired about running as their passion overflows.  A great book/ bio of a vegan runner is this one by Scott Jurek: Eat & Run .  It inspires me to get up and run and also has some cool recipes (most are too heavy for me, but they are interesting and could be modified!).

This book is also really great for newer vegans as well older vegans (like me).

Some Myths

People say running on an empty stomach early in the morning will lead to muscle loss

This is not true as long as you get the ratio right.

Firstly, if you haven’t eaten for 16 hrs (optimum) then your body will instantly go for fat to burn as you will have used up all of the glycogen (sugar) stored in your muscles.  At this point your body uses fat for fuel.  this is a great hack to get your body to use its fat stores and burn them up.   Only if you had insufficient fat would your body ever use your muscle protein for energy, and I don’t think many of us run that risk.  Due to the fact we would never run that long, and we normally have a decent body fat percentage (If your body fat percentage is below 10% I would not advise going for your morning run – unless you were advised by a professional coach who knows you personally).

N.B – Make sure that you know your body fat percentage!

I work with clients to get their body fat percentage down – in one case from 30% to 10% in 6 months.  It is important that this is done in healthy and sustainable way!

Should you be interested in working with me toward your goals, please get in touch and we will see if we are a fit!  I only work with dedicated individuals that I feel are a match to the services I offer x

Combine HIIT running with your running routine.

I provide a schedule for running so that you are always doing HIIT (High intensity interval training) but the real key to this is Walk-Jog-Walk, Jog-Run-Jog or Walk-Jog-Sprint – when doing your FAST bit then be sure to make it as fast as you can and really relax during your walking (I would keep it rhythmical and quite fast paced)

There is some evidence that there is an anabolic window that opens up straight after your run – for 30 mins when you should eat and your body will make optimal use of the extra nutrients.

Always remember your 2 glasses of water in the morning before your run!!!  This is a key factor in staying hydrated and keeping your run healthy.


I would also suggest that you get in a morning routine that enhances your day, some self care time in the morning that includes journaling, morning pages, visualisation and gratitude is a wonderful practice and one that is used by the top millionaires/ billionaires worldwide (bonus!)

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Have the best day ever x